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Birth Package


Delivered LLC is a partnership of experienced doulas who provide consistent, calm, kind and knowledgable support for one of the most wonderful times in your life.

A partnership of doulas enhances your experience with the reassurance that you have the knowledge and physical support necessary for your labor. No two pregnancies or births are alike and you deserve unbiased personal support tailored to your family. Even for those unexpected long labors you will always be cared for by a well rested doula. Below you will see a list of everything that is included in our Birth Package!

Included in The Birth Package



Phone, Text, and Email Support from the time of hire

Labor Support

Complete labor support at the start of labor until after baby is born

Emotional Support

Birth is not just physical. We understand that your mind, will, and emotions are all involved


Knowledge and resources before and during your birth so that you can make the best decisions for your family 


Breastfeeding Support from trained lacation counselors for the initiation of breastfeeding

Physical Support

We bring our bag of trick with us to your birth room. For hands on birthing and positioning support


prenatal meeting at 36 weeks to talk about your birth plan and preparation for labor


Postpartum meeting where we will debrief your birth, talk about breastfeeding, and discuss how you are healing

Partner Support

Having the one you care for most at your birth is so important, we help your partner, help you!


We are on-call for you 24hrs starting at 36 weeks until the time of your birth


Completely free to you as one of our clients we offer a monthly workshop on amazing topics for birth and postpartum.

Continued Support

Feel free to contact us for any questions after baby is born. We love to hear from our clients.

Also included in your package are our educational workshops...

Birth Partner Workshop

This workshop is focused on preparing the support partner for what labor will be like for them. Simple things you can do to support your partner well! How will they feel? How can they help! 


Comfort Measures Workshop

Do you know what your and your body physically need to do during the birthing process? We will review the cardinal movements of birth. Giving you tips and tricks to maintain comfort in every stage of labor and what positions will offer the most support.


Understanding Interventions Workshop

Often, we focus on having the birth we want while preparing for labor. But what happens when things don't go as planned? Learn the Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives for the most common interventions.


Postpartum Workshop

Your labor and delivery are done...what now? We take time to talk about baby wearing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and preparing for the emotional and physical aspects of the postpartum period.