Postpartum Support

Bringing baby home... is so much fun! You are intruding them to their new home, maybe fur buddies, and maybe other siblings. It is always good to be back in your comfort space at home but there can be a lot of uncertainties and sleep loss as you are adjusting to the demands of a new little life.


Let Ashley support you through this time. I take great care to support the needs of your specific family with tips and tricks to help learn your new baby. Postpartum shifts can be booked before your baby/babies arrive or last minute depending on the needs that arise. Below are our postpartum packages. Custom packages are available upon request.

Postpartum Prepared Package

After you come home from your labor and delivery, you may notice that 

sleep is elusive with a new little person in your home. This package is 

designed to give you an extra set of hands for a night of more restful sleep.

This Package includes:

  • Everything in the Lactation Doula Package (HERE)

  • 12 hours of Overnight Support

  • Tips and Tricks for swaddling, burping, feeding, sleeping

  • Lactation support while present

  • Breakfast preparation

Replenished Parent Package

Give yourself and your spouse some time to catch back up with each other!This 3 night package is perfect for those moms/couples feeling a little 

depleted. Book your nights back to back or spread them out.

This Package includes:

  • 36hrs Total Overnight Support

  • 3 / 12 hour Overnight Support Stays

  • Lactation Support While Present

  • Breakfast Preparation

  • Discuss Healthy Feeding and Sleeping Routines

  • Tips and Tricks for Swaddling, Burping, Feeding, Sleeping

Custom Packages Available Upon Request

Complete Support Package

Get the best start for your new little one with complete breastfeeding 

support and some restful sleep along the way. Those first few nights with 

your new little love are amazing and exhausting. Set yourself up right! 

This Package includes:

  • Everything in Lactation Doula Package (HERE)

  • Everything in Replenished Parent Package