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    I'm so glad you found Delivered! Supporting women and families is a deep passion of ours. We believe child birth is both powerful and empowering. Birth was designed perfectly in this way. It is our aim to give emotional and physical support to pregnant and laboring mothers and it's our hope that all women realize the enormous strength they posses while on this journey. I am truly humbled to be invited into this amazing time in your life.


How Delivered's support works:


Decreased Time in Labor
Less likely to have a cesarean delivery
Lower Induction Rates
Increase in Birth Experience Satisfaction

 The benefits of a Doula have been studied and the findings are remarkable. In February 2017, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released recommendations from their Committee on Obstetric Practice. The report states: "Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor." The report also includes improvements in the four areas below:

What our clients are saying...

"Ashley was always available. She clearly communicated what her services covered & accurately set our expectations. She obviously loves what she does." - Mindy

"If you told me before labor/delivery that we'd end up having an epidural & a C-section I would have thought that a doula was unnecessary. I would not have been more wrong. I am grateful for Ashley's presence that evening and morning. I cannot imagine having another child without her there with us." - Ryan

"The support that she provided both my wife and myself during our long delivery was incredible. It was important for us to have a doula that allowed us to have the birth experience that we wanted, not project any ideas on us, and Ashley did exactly that." - Mike

We proudly support every kind of family in the greater Washington, DC  and Northern Virginia area!